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The safety valve for excellence
LESER has more than 200 years of experience and over 300 people dedicated to the design and manufacture of quality security valves for the protection of your industrial installations.

Manufactured to the norms: DIN, ASME, ANSI and API, LESER safety valves have orifices from 10 until 400mm and set pressures from 0.1 bar until 700 bar.

The valves are available in a wide range of standard materials: cast iron 0.6025, nodular cast iron 0.7043, carbon steel 1.0619, stainless steel 1.4408 and 1.4571, also available are bodies and bellows totally in Teflon for very critical service conditions.

For the large range of characteristics manufactured as standard: norms, set pressures, construction of DN and in materials, LESER security valves are world leaders in their sector..

Model 441/442
The collaboration of BVALVE/LESER in Iberia confers strength and the ability to provide in 24 hours anywhere in the peninsular, security valves of instantaneous opening (441/442) in DIN standard with flanges from DN20 to DN200mm, in cast iron, nodular cast iron and carbon steel, with set pressures from 0.1 bar until 40 bar, with or without stainless steel bellows.

The wide range of LESER valves are completed with:

441/442 XXL Model for large Flows
Total instantaneous security, from DN200 until DN400 (8″ – 16″), available materials Carbon Steel and stainless steel in DIN and ANSI.

455…459 High Pressure Models
Set pressure available until 700 bar and with DN25 until DN150 (1″ – 6″), also available in carbon steel and stainless steel in DIN and ANSI.

427…534 P/N Series
Proportional and normal security valves, DN15 – DN150 (1/2″ – 6″). In the following materials: nodular cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel, available in DIN or ANSI.

Clean Service: 481?488
Safety valves for protecting installations with special cleaning requirements (foods, drinks, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics). They are characterised for the lack of dead spaces, to be apt for CIP, SIP and COP. Available from DN15 to DN100 (1/2″ – 4″) and with set pressures from 0.2 until 150 bar..
481…488 Series is available certified FDA 21 CFR part. 177.2600.

Chemicals 447…546
For very corrosive and critical applications, like the manufacture and manipulation of chlorine, Chlorhydric acid, phosgene plants and MDI, alkaline solutions and very toxic fluids. Available from DN25 until DN100 (1″ – 4″) and in Teflon and stainless steel, DIN or ANSI

Specials 441…544
Security valves with counterweights for terrestrial boilers and double valves for ship steam boilers. Available from DN20 until DN150 (3/4″ – 6″) and in nodular cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel, DIN or ANSI.

Change over valves 310…311
Changer valves permit the exchange of security valves in parallel without interrupting the service to facilitate maintenance work. Available from DN25 until DN400 (1″ – 16″) in carbon steel and stainless steel, DIN or ANSI.

LESER, the highest and most varied technology in safety valves.

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