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Features of high quality bellow sealed valves

BVALVE Bellow Sealed Globe Valves, with flanges acc. to EN 1092-2, face to face as per EN 558-1 and with ACME stem screw thread and grounded
shaft. Multiply layer bellow with long service life made of stainless steel. Min. life cycle of Bellow as per MSS SP-117, metal back seat, safety stuffing box
packing made of pure graphite, graphite + stainless steel Gasket, housed in a tongue and grooved flange. Seat ring hard faced, disc with conical and
360º rotating plug made of Stainless Steel + HARD FACED.

No ejectable stem, and at the same time performs the function of locking metal/metal in the opened position and prevents the stem from being ejected due to the pressure during
the function and at the same time mechanical stop position of the valve opening, giving robustness to it. Valve equipped with pure graphite safety packing.

360º free rotation disc that allows the cleaning of impurities that can carry the fluid to make the closure on the different surfaces of the seat, at the same time, it does not transmit the vibrations to the valve stem.

Double, triple and quadruple bellow wall depending on the size of the valve. It is welded to the stem and not to the disc, this prevents the transmission of vibrations, extending the life of the bellows.

Features of high quality bellow sealed valves

This valve complies with the strictest standards on environmental emissions and all its components fulfill the standards of the directive P.E.D. European Pressure Standard 97/23/CE No CE0052 and TA-LUFT

1. Stop screw, stroke limiter and lubrificator. Anti-friction bearings that facilitate the valve opening and closing.

2. Flange faces with thin machining acc. EN 1092, high quality cast iron EN 10204 3.1 certificate available.

3. With robust yoke design and secure opening indicator of torque.

Advantages of BVALVE bellow sealed valves over their competitors

DIN bellow valves for steam and termal oil applications have become increasingly popular in our markets so today there is a mass consumption due to demand generated by the industry. Unfortunately, this demand has led to the mass manufacture of these valves at very low prices, which has resulted in a drastic reduction in the quality of bellow valves, losing its original purpose which is a stop valve maintenance free. BVALVE has avoid reducing the quality of its bellow valves, offering high quality bellow sealed valves at competitive prices.

– Stardard conical plug shape
– 360º free rotation disc
– Tongued bonnet/body
– Higher stem and bellow length
– Higher stem thickness
– Robust design
– Higher stem thread length
– No ejectable stem

– Válvulas de fuelle:

  • Hierro Fundido EN-JL 1040
    PN 16 DN 15 – DN 200
  • Fundición nodular EN-GJS- 400-18-LT
    PN 16 DN15 – DN 250
  • Fundición nodular EN-GJS- 400-18-LT
    PN 25 DN15 – DN 200
BV25061 PN16 Cast Iron
BV25061 PN16 Cast Iron
BV25063 PN25 Nodular Cast Iron
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