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Bellows valve 25065-66 Designed for the chemical, petrochemical, process plants, refineries and thermal power stations.

Technical Data: The nominal diameters available are DN 15-300 (1/2″-12″) Nominal pressures PN40
Construction materials: carbon steel GS-C25, stainless steel 1.4408/A351 (CF8M), Connections available are Flanges DIN, and connection ends for back welding.

Standard construction designs: straight body with flanges, angled body with flanges, straight body with end connections for welding, angled body with end connections for welding. Operating temperatures: -60ºC hasta +400ºC.

General Applications: saturated steam, reheated steam, thermal oil, super heated water, ethylene oxide, chlorine, acids, bases and process liquids.

Bellows Valve DN15-300 For its design and construction materials, these valves avoid the following problems typical in applications with steam:

Leakage between the plug and the seat
Blockage of the valve in the open position when it has not been manipulated for a period
Continuous breakage of bellows in critical points
Breakage of the handwheel from manipulation

Special features:

Bonnet welded to the body that guarantees 100% tightness
Available with a linear regulation cone or equal percentage
Plug with soft seal of Gylon for temperatures until 280ºC.
Obturador compensado: Permite cerrar contra la presión nominal de la válvula.
Compensated plug, permits the closure of the valve against the nominal pressure of the valve
Machined flanges according to DIN 2512/13 forms N or F, guaranteed to have a perfect tightness between the valve flange and the in line tubing.
Heating Jacket: keeps the fluid hot inside of the valve to avoid polymerization.
External breakage detection, permits the detection and monitoring of an over pressure between the bellows and the packing to inform of a bellows breakage.
Electrical position indicators: to signalize the distance of the opening or closing of the valve.
Extended Bonnet: for cryogenics services
Pneumatic or/and electric actuator.

BVALVE bellow valves have been designed and conceived to work in applications in the chemical industry and processes requiring the highest standards. Applications with highly corrosive, harmful and dangerous fluids are the types of processes that are perfect for the BVALVE bellows valves to maintain a closing tightness against the passing fluid and to avoid any type of emission during operation. Six Unique and Differentiating Characteristics

The construction of the stem in two parts with thread perfectly mechanized makes it free of any friction.
Security packing manufactured in pure graphite
Disposition of metallic closing in open position, electrical position indicators, stem anti vibration device and no ejection of the stem.
Multiple wall liquid contacted bellows made of stainless steel. Designed for 10000 operations (considered as a complete open and close operation).The bellows are welded to the body to eliminate leaks to the exterior and located in zones of static pressure (with fluid speed of nothing)
The body and bonnet are connected by male and female connections and with gaskets made of stainless steel and graphite situated in between them to eliminate leaks to the exterior
Plug with contoured cone made of hardened stainless steel or coated in stellite 6, seat in hardened stainless steel or coated in stellite 21 and welded to the body.stellite 21.
The tightness tests realised exceeds the requirements of API 598. The plug is free to rotate 360ºC.

BV25065 PN40 Carbon Steel
BV25065 PN40 Carbon Steel
BV25066 PN40 Stainless Steel
BV25066AMA PN40 Stainless Steel Neumatic Actuated
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