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Steriflow Control Valves

Control valves 978 and MK 978 MK LF

Control valves series JORDAN STERIFLOW MK 978 and FL 978 are manufactured in line with FDA standards, USP Class VI and totally sterile design, so they are suitable for pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, and dairy, food and beverage industry.

The connection ends are mainly TRI-CLAMP ASME BPE, the body material and inmates are in stainless steel AISI 316L solid machining. They are made from 1/2 “to 3”, with Kv values ​​from 0.025 m3 / h up to 107 m3 are equipped with pneumatic and electric actuators, being inherent characteristics of step, linear, equal percentage or on / off. All STERIFLOW division valves are characterized by line steam sterilizable up to 17 bar and 230 ° C due to the materials of its internal components.

Reducing valves and pressure maintainer MK 95 / MK 96

STERIFLOW series valves widely used to pump bypass maintaining constant pressure in the discharge line and the pressure reduction at the entrance to equipment. Maintaining the same features and applications that control valves, be manufactured from 1/2 “to 3” and numerous maintain pressure ranges upstream and downstream thereof.

Thermostatic trap MK 93

This trap STERIFLOW series is completely hygienic, making with TRI-CLAMP connections ASME BPE 1/2 “, 3/4” and 1 “and being able to work at 10 bar and 177 ° C. It has a high discharge capacity of 3,411 kg / h of cold condensate to 6.2 bar and main applications are fermenters, bioreactors, sterilizers, autoclaves, CIP and SIP systems and drainage pipe pure and ultrapure steam.

J-Pure Pressure regulator toilet

The gas pressure regulator for ultra pure and hygienic STERIFLOW completes the range. It can reduce gas pressure from 10.5 bar to 0.3 bar with maximum temperatures of 177 ° C being ideal for sterile applications as Nitrogen gas, CO2, Argon, Oxygen, Air and / or blanketing hygienic applications.

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