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GS Sliding Gate Control Valves

GS Sliding Gate Control Valves

The GS sliding gate control valves is a practical, light and highly accurate of a design which is simple but highly effective. It operates using a principle that fascinated Leonardo Da Vinci. And to this day it has been fulfilling the most demanding requirements needed in a control valve. There is an extremely large range of models that cover the vast majority of control applications and the regulation of gases, vapour and liquids in all types of industrial processes. These types of valves are manufactured from DN15 to DN200 with kvs values of between 0.04 and 560 m3/h, in PN40 / PN100, with a temperature range from -100ºC to 530ºC and materials in carbon steel 1.0570, steel 1.7335, stainless steel 1.4571 (316 Ti) and hastelloy C4. All the valves can be fitted with bellows in stainless steel for applications with toxic fluids or termical oils.

The new GS3 design is manufactured according to ANSI 150/300/600 Lbs, from ½? to 8? as well as male and female connections according to DIN 2512 N/F o ANSI RTJ.


  • High Versatility: Normally open or closed, all or nothing and of regulation all these functions can be used with the same valve.
  • Excellent Seat Tightness The leakage rate is less than 0.0001% nominal value of the flow.C
  • Compact Design and Easy Installation The GS valves are smaller and weigh a lot less than conventional control valves, a valve of DN150 with a pneumatic actuator weighs only 14.2 kgs, which makes it easy to install in line.
  • Self Cleaning affect The shearing effect of the sliding disc permits the installation of these valves with suspended particles (example: boiler purging and neutralization of sodium hydroxide)
  • High flexibility for kvs changes To change the passage of the nominal flow to another requirement is as easy as changing the fixed disc (example: In DN15 exists the possibility to choose between 12 different kvs)
  • Excellent Cavitation Behaviour The fluid diversion forms an integral part of the design
  • Smaller Sized Actuators Because the closing force is not against the flow of the fluid, a much lower force is required to close the valve against high differential pressures.
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