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Angled seat and pinch valves

Angled seat valves are ideal for instalation in all types of sterilizers and industrial machinery and can easily handle millions of switching operations for high temperature and aggressive media.Schubert & Salzer angle seat valves are available for “on/ off”, or proportional control applications, powered pneumatically or electrically. The valves are more economical than ball valves in that they have a longer service life whilst offering a fast waterhammer free response. In our laboratory these valves have been tested with water at 6 bar, giving the result of more than 1.500.000 operations without suffering wearing of the internal components.Available in stainless steel 316L or bronze bodies and from DN8 to DN65 (DN80 only in brass), PN16 (brass and Bronze) and PN40 (stainless steel) with working temperature to a maximum of 230ºC. Also they are available in various bonnet materials and a diverse range of connections including Tri-clamp and flanged to suit PN flanges.

Based on the same type of service but with different bodies, we manufacture valves with straight bodies with flanges in cast iron GG25 from DN15 to DN150, PN16 and in stainless steel from DN15 to DN50, PN40, 3/2 way valves (mixers and diverters) in DN15 to DN40, PN16

Pinch valves can be the ideal solution for granular or viscous media on small bore applications. Since there is no dead space, they are also suitable for food applications when utilised with a food grade EPDM sleeve.Available in sizes from DN06 to DN50, PN6.

Regulation angled valves, like the model 7020/7036 incorporate an intergrated pneumatic posicionador (0.2 – 1bar), electro-pneumatic (4” 20mA) or digital with a lineal regulation cone or equal percentage. These valves are manufactured in DN8 to DN65, PN40, in stainless steel 316L and with treaded ends.

The angled seat valves (model 7210) like the 3/2 way valve (modelo 7280), you can equip with electric actuators. These actuators can be provided with electric positioners (control signal 4” 20mA or 0” 10 VCC), electrical postion indicator with 2 switches and potentiometer.

There are various Sanitary versions like the control valves with integrated digital positioner (model 6021) and these valves are designed for clean-in-place/steam-in-place applications are offered for use on sterile applications in various pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food & beverage applications. A very wide product range designed to cover lots of applications in industrial processes.

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