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Pressure transmitter

As a leader in the field of pressure measurement, Fuji Elec-tric has an installed base of more than 1 000 000 FCX trans-mitters all around the world. Using leading edge technology in silicon chip manufacturing, FCX transmitters incorporate a high performance micro capacitance silicon sensor. In response to customer request, Fuji Electric has developed a new pressure transmitter : the FCX-AII V5.

The FCX-AII V5 is a high performance transmitter, designed to solve the toughest of applications where special materials and design are needed. Offering
a variety of measuring ranges, the FCX-AII V5 is built and confi-gured to meet indivi-dual application re-quirements in most markets.

FCX-AII V5 transmitters offer measuring ranges from 10 mm WC up to 500 bar and are available for differential, gauge and absolute pressure, level liquid.

For specific application, Fuji Electric can supply a wide selection of remote seals.

Thanks to 0,065% standard accuracy (up to 0,04% at option), a great rangeability of 100:1 and the various materials available for wetted parts (Tantalum, Monel, Hastelloy-CTM, or PVDF) our transmitters can be used in various applications in industry fields such as petrochemical, chemical, energy, iron industry, food industry and water treatment.

Differential pressure
Closed tank level measurement
Relative pressure
Open tank level measurement
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