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Bursting discs and ursting discs and vacuum pressure relief valver

ELEVENT is a presure vacuum relief valve in a modular design with interchangeable components and made completely in stainless steel AISI 316. It is characterised for its extreme stability in combination with its reduced weight and also the valve structure is not at all complicated which gives it the possibility of easy disassembling thanks to the clamps. They also have a very good sealing tightness in pressure and vacuum, these are the important points of the ELEVENT valve.
It’s manufacturing range consists of sizes from DN25 to DN250 with process conections in Flanges DIN or ANSI and vacuum pressure of untill -50 mbar relative and discharge pressures of untill 100 mbar relative. In special applications these ranges can be enlarged to reach -200 to +200 mbar relative.

Inverse action bursting discs KUB® nonfragmentables
These discs emphasize the principle use of buckling pins according to the formula of Euler in combination with the advantages of the REMBE triple section disc concept. There is no other disc in the market with the benefits and advantages of the KUB. Even under extreme conditiones of service the KUB® disc has a higher precision and longer durability. They can be used with operating pressures higher than 95% of the bursting pressure without suffering mechanical deformities. The working technology CNC laser permits tolerances of +/- 2% in special applications.

Also the homogenous surface in contact with the process confers to a condition ideal for CIP cleaning, totally safe for aseptic or sterile applications. It’s manufacturing range consists of sizes between DN25 (1″) to DN800 (32″) and construction materials in stainless steel AISI 316, Teflon, Aluminium, Nickel, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy C, Tantalum, Titanium, Silver and Gold, as well as bursting pressures from 0.01 bar untill 180 bar depending on its size, simultaneously being able to support vacuum conditions.

Bursting Discs of Direct Action BT, BT-VSI, BT-OBV, BT-ODV nonfragmentables
This family of discs have a simpler design than than the KUB, which can be used with operating pressures between 70% and 80% of the bursting pressure of the disc. It’s manufacturing range consists of sizes from DN6 (1/4″) to DN1400 (56″), made with the same materials and depending on the model, being valid for vacuum.

Two way bursting discs “ZW”
The bursting discs in this series fullfill a double function and an exigent simultaneous protection against over pressure and vacuum. The ZW discs open into both directions without fragmentation. These discs are ready for assembly and are fitted directly between the flanges and they work the same with gases as with liquids. The range of manufacture is consists of sizes between DN50 (2″) to DN800 (32″)

Compact bursting discs type UKB
Designed for special protection in small tanks, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, low temperature applications, aerospace and other special techniques where compact protection against pressure is required combined with the lowest possible weight and easy handling. Bursting pressures available untill a maximum of 7000 bar.

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