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Our main values are: experience, quality products and customer service.

Since 1996, Bvalve Flow Systems & Controls® has achieved an outstanding leading role in the flow systems on Control Markets (control valves, industrial valves, safety valves and process instrumentationl). Our business strategy covers big engineering projects, technical sales, daily business and after sales service.

Our main values are: experience, quality products and customer service. The experience and know-how allows us to identify customer needs and select the proper solutions. The quality of our products provide outstanding safety and guarantee. The Bvalve after-sales team provides training, experience and knowledge to give the best services during start-up, maintenance, reparations, on-site services, assemblies… in the spanish and portuguese markets.

Headquarters are located in “El Puig” (Valencia) Spain, covering more than 1.800m2 in offices and 4.400m2 in storage, workshops and other operational areas like training areas for customers, an industrial calibration laboratory, and two pilot plants that allows testing our products (ISO 9001). Bvalve keeps a large stock of valves, instrumentation devices and spares to guarantee the shortest delivery time possible. The existence of strategic stocks of spares allows us to provide the best service to our customers in the shortest times. this stock availability is a key factor for the competitiveness of our company into the market.

As manufacturers of high quality control Valves, we take very seriously the issue of quality and manufacture our products to ISO 9001 and complying with international directives (PED 97/23 EC, ASME, API, NB, ANSI…)