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More than 20 years ago Schubert & Salzer took a new and exciting direction in the manufacture, design and conception of the closing and regulation of control valves, developing the sliding gate control.
CompuertaThis new conception of the sliding gate control offers very precise regulation of liquids, steam and gases at any point of the control process. It operates using a principle that fascinated Leonardo Da Vinci, and to this day it has been fulfilling the most demanding requirements needed in a control valve.
The design consists of a fixed disc set in the body (acts as a sealing plate), it has a number of slots of equal height across its face.
A moving disc, with the same slot configuration and designed so that it cannot turn, runs vertically against it thereby changing the flow crosssection.
The pressure difference present forces the moving disc against the fixed disc. A simple but very effective design that has revolutionized the world of control valves.
A GS sliding gate valve allows a baby to maintain in their hands with the minimum of strength. Never has a valve been so light and had so many benefits in the control process. Its dimensions do not surpass the height of baby.
A GS control valve of 2 inches is capable of closing against a differential pressure of 40 bar, so it does not need large sized actuators which allow them to be situated in installations at points of reduced space.
The size and weight of the GS valves means that it can make a significant savings in industrial installations.